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Porphyria: The Unknown Disease
Diana Deats-O'Reilly
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Chemical porphyria in man
George III and the mad-business
Ida Macalpine
The porphyrias
J. Lyndal York
Porphyria in Australia: a review of the literature, and Australian experience
Roderick McEwin
Porphyria's lover
Maggie Power
The porphyrias: a story of inheritance and environment
Geoffrey Dean
Porphyria : The Woman Who Has 'the Vampire Disease'
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Tammy Evans / Hardcover / May 1997
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Diagnosis and therapy of porphyrias and lead intoxication
Mechanisms of chemical-induced porphyrinopathies
Mechanisms of Chemical-Induced Porphyrinopathies
(Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol 514)
Ellen K. Silbergold, Bruce A. Fowler (Editor) / Hardcover / February 1988
Our Price: $88.00
Iron excess : aberrations of iron and porphyrin metabolism
Disorders of Porphyrin Metabolism (Topics in Hematology)
Michael Moore / Hardcover / April 1988
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Porphyrins and porphyrias:
proceedings of the Second International Congress on Porphyrins
and Porphyrias held in Paris (France) 19-22 June, 1985
= Porphyrines et porphyries
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