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"Millennium Meeting on Porphyrins and Porphyrias 2000"
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (European Union)
10-13 September 2000
Centre Français des Porphyries - French Porphyria Center
Porphyria - The Unknown Disease
Porphyria Web Links
Porphyria Web Links (alternate address)
The American Porphyria Foundation
mall-net Porphyria
Porphyria IntroductionThis page is intended primary as an introduction to porphyria research - there is unfortunately little information here that could be useful for porphyria patients.
Porphyrins and Porphyrias World Wide Web Research Network
Porphyrias: Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis...
Cheryl Ann's Porphyria Page
Hereditary Biochemical Multiple Sclerosis Research (Dr. M. Kotze)
Porphyrins and Porphyrias 1997 Meeting
July 2-6, 1997, Congress Center, Hamburg
NORD - American Porphyria FoundationOrganizational Information. Click here to read about the NORD Resource Guide (listing over 900 organizations).
The Maiden PorphyriaMaiden for the Week of 9/27/98. Porphyria. Quote: "insert lame melodramatic quote about myself and my appearance here" Visit her Website. Or E-mail Porphyria.
UCSB English Department Graduate Program: Qualifying Exam Reading Lists
Porphyria's Lover (Robert Browning)
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO
Cliniweb International: PorphyriaSearch PUBMED for articles on Porphyria: Erythrohepatic, Erythropoietic, Hepatic.
Exhaustive Links Collection by George Karakatsanis, Dermatologist,
Thessaloniki, Greece (European Union)
Yahoo! Health:Diseases and Conditions:Porphyria
porphyriaAlternative names - Definition - Causes, incidence, and risk factors - Prevention - Symptoms - Signs and tests - Treatment Expectations (prognosis) - Complications Calling
Re: Migraines, PorphyriaWelcome To The HealthSeek Message Board ] [ FAQ ] Posted by Dave F. on September 24, 1998
Porphyria and LycanthropyA rare congenital disorder, porphyria is characterized by extreme sensitivity to light.
Medical Research Council and University of Cape Town Liver Research CentreA GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WITH PORPHYRIA AND THEIR DOCTORS.
Porphyria...Below you will find the definition of Porphyria as well as very helpful links to help you understand this very complex medical condition.
H-ALBION Postings (May 1995)madness of George III; porphyria???
Dermatology Online Atlas (DOIA)Porphyria cutanea tarda.
What is Porphyria?Porphyria Is...
Genetic conditions / Rare Conditions InformationPorphyria
Dr. Sarayu Balu, MD., FAAP.Porphyria, Hereditary Coproporphyria
University of Cape TownPorphyria Gene Found
Porphyria is underdiagnosedThis article submitted by Mariel on 10/018/97.
National Digestive Diseases Information ClearinghousePorphyria is a disorder in which the body produces too much of the chemical porphyrin.
Rare Diseases Clinical Trials pertaining to:Porphyria.
IFCCInternational Directory of Laboratories for the Biochemical Diagnosis of Porphyria
Mara's Porphyria PageThere is no cure for Porphyria. My purpose in building this web site is to educate as many people as I can about Porphyria.
Porphyria PagePorphyria Page is a patient guide for all people with this disorder. It contains relevant information and a list of safe and unsafe drugs which can be used. This page has been put together by Professor Michael Moore, a world authority on the subject.
Pat's Treefrog and Porphyria pageThis page is dedicated to my collection of Frogs and a disease that I have - Hereditary Coproporphyria. Porphyria is a Metabolic Disorder. Little is known.
Patient Information - Porphyria cutanea tardaNew Zealand Dermatological Society (NZ DermNet)
AHWW Combined FAQs
Music From PorphyriaA Group who's time has come!
Vincent van Gogh illness: Absinthe FAQ
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