Porphyrin Systems

Management Team
Company Description
  • Porphyrin Systems is a company engaged in the synthesis and investigation of porphyrins and related compounds. The company was founded in January 1999 in Lüebeck, Germany.

  • Research at Porphyrin Systems is focused on the development of new porphyrinic photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy of cancer (PDT). In this field the company is doing cooperative research with partners from institutes and universities in Germany and Europe.

  • Furthermore the company is interested in any application of porphyrinic compounds in science and technology. Besides this research topic, Porphyrin Systems is developing new cost-efficient synthetic routes to all kinds of porphyrinic compounds.
Products and Services
  • Porphyrin Systems manufactures a wide range of different synthetic porphyrins like tetraphenylporphyrins, functionalized porphyrins, lipophilic porphyrins, and metalloporphyrins.

  • Furthermore the company offers pyrrole and aminolevulinic acid derivatives.

  • Porphyrin Systems also offers support in spectroscopy and electrochemistry of organic compounds.
Research Activities
  • Research at Porphyrin Systems is focused on the development of new porphyrinic and non-porphyrinic compounds for use in photodynamic therapy of cancer. In this field special interest of Porphyrin Systems is the synthesis of water soluble long wavelength absorbing compounds with high selectivity to cancer cells.

  • Our company is developing as well new large scale (kg-scale) synthetic methodologies for the synthesis of porphyrins and related compounds.
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